Carolyn Spaenjaers was born in Antwerp in 1987.

When she was 14 years old she discovered her passion for painting. Carolyn studied graphic design at St-Lucas in Antwerp, followed by a Visual Arts degree at ERG/St-Lucas Brussels.

After her studies she lived and travelled in different cities and countries such as Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, Japan and different countries in South-America always in search for inspiration and new art techniques.

The inspiration for her works stems from landscapes and other objects that she observes around her and which are then transposed onto large wooden panels using industrial clue and products, giving relief and texture, augmented by spray-painted lines.

Carolyn also participated at an internship in theatre decoration at NTgent and decorated weddings and other private events such as fashion shows and art gallery openings.


Carolyn’s Exhibition List:


-Solo exhibition ‘Blue Velvet’ at Art Space Jean, Antwerp – Introduced by Mr. Philippe De Backer, secretary of state for Social Freud.

-‘The taste of Art’ at Art Space Jean, Antwerp


-‘Baroque’ at KAS (Kunst aan de stroom) – Introduced by Mr. Philip Heylen,  Honorary Vice Mayor of the city of Antwerp


-‘Contemporary painting’ at The Brick Lane Gallery, UK


-‘The Search for The Perfect Storm’ Antwerp Gallery – Paris Texas, Antwerp


-‘Serendipity’ organised by Kunstkring Waasmunster at Kasteel Blauwendael

Introduced by Ernest Van Buynder was president of the Flemish Commission for fine arts and of the Musem of Contemporary Art in Antwerp (M HKA).

Curently he is president of the friends of the M HKA, the Commission Art at the Campus of the Antwerp University and the commission cultural policy of the same university


-Second Private Exhibition ‘Landscapes’,Antwerp

-Third Private Exhibition ‘Turbulence’, Antwerp